Thursday, 13 November 2014

What is the Correct time to Let Go ???

I kept reading ‘let go the things which takes your peace away’, it tempts me every time i read it, as usually found myself lost into the thought of being happy ever after. Every girl dream of a Prince who will come and take her away on his white horse like in fairy tales, so do i, in the age of 28. My mother repeatedly used to say these words ‘Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed’ and i willingly never concentrated on the same however the truth is we always act in the way we have learned in our childhood and may be this is why we say ‘Do Develop Moral Values In Your Children’ as this is what they will always follow. They will keep learning all ages however will never forget the origin. I don’t remember if my mom ever taught me what is next to these four ‘Saam (Pacifying), Daam (Charity), Dand (Punishment), Bhed (divide)’. May be she wanted me to discover the same my own. Next is nothing but the correct time to ‘LET GO’.  Somebody correctly said "Lots of things can be fixed. Things can be fixed. But many times, relationships between people cannot be fixed, because they should not be fixed. You're aboard a ship setting sail, and the other person has joined the inland circus, or is boarding a different ship, and you just can't be with each other anymore. Because you shouldn't be". It’s nothing like who is wrong and who is right, it’s all about something else is more deserving to you. YES, It’s not going to be easy but then who said happiness is served as a gift on gold plate. We have to earn it and for this we have to put in efforts 'The More, The Merrier'. I guess it’s the correct time to Hold My Head High Gorgeously.

एक सफ़र ऐसा भी होता है दोस्तों, जिसमें पैर नहीं दिल थक जाता है...!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Not just a winning method, it’s a MANTRA…!

We keep hearing Mumbai life is very fast. Also, we very well know it’s an organized and fully grown city. I kept wondering why all the cities renowned as metro city is fast in living? And why only fast cities are renowned and named as metro city? None of the answers comforted me so I left these questions in my mind to get answered. I usually sits with the people who eases my thoughts and inspires me to dream more and big. So I asked, what is the mantra to achieve what we want and he immediately answered ‘PACE’. Therefore I went silent. ‘Dream’ ‘Believe’ ‘Pace’ ‘Union’ are the terms play tennis together in my mind and I could never hold all of them together strongly. Every term has a story and every story itself is a mantra. Thereafter I concluded, People who have dreams, form union and speed there activities to prove there believes. Henceforth This is what Mumbai is! No vision and you perish; No Ideal, and you’re lost. Your heart must ever cherish some faith at any cost. Some hope, some dream to cling to, some rainbow in the sky, some melody to sing to, some service that is high.

आवाज़ उठा कदमो को मिला, रफ़्तार जरा कुछ और बढ़ा,
तू बोलेगी, मुंह खोलेगी, तब ही तो, ताना बना बदलेगा..!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best

One of the fortunate women who have experienced all the situations which one should and one should not. Life is always been Sweet and sour. I remember myself crying many times for the bad which has happened and simultaneously laughing due to something good, found myself behaving weird and confusing people around. However I always felt, I am a Special Child who always has at-least one reason to smile nevertheless what’s happening. Well in between I am a dreamer too, who see dreams with open eyes and express them loud in public, due to which I have been provided with so much of Gyan (advises). I tried stopping myself as I found them correct at some places however lately figured it out and voiced out “No Kinshuki, If you follow them, then it’s not you”. And since then, adapted a habit of learning from everyone and anyone, henceforth going by my own point of view, so that I may not blame anyone for what has happened and will happen, it will be ME, only ME. Well while reading loads of love stories and watching romantic Movies, I started living another virtual life. LOOK! I am again fortunate to live two lives. While living into, I started dreaming, what if, I live this in real? What if, I make both the lives as one? Therefore, this dream of mine soon converted into desire, wherein I did not even get to know, and unknowingly, actually, started living both the lives as one and end up doing so many mistakes, in result got tight slaps, one by one, on my face. Beauty is I still did not give up, I want it, I will get it, I am still hopeful and still believe in myself. I have decided no matter what I will keep giving and one day GOD has to pay me all with Interest. Well, I was not wrong! God did give me a signal. Yes! its very much possible. Will never Forget the Date June 04, 2014, Time 02:24AM

ले दे के अपने पास फ़क़त इक नज़र तो है, क्यों देखें ज़िन्दगी को किसी की नज़र से हम

Friday, 23 May 2014

Success Breeds Success…!

Well I been always lucky to have classmates with no politics and loads of respect for each other however kept wondering, if we don’t bias each other than why do we still have groups everywhere, My desire to understand the same increased day by day and I did come to many conclusions however none of them fulfilled me. Moreover inspired me to learn about human psychology. Well, I never realized the fact that while moving deep into the topic I am actually attracting it in my life and at this instant I understood why we always have groups? Why we cannot be with everybody? It is simply because ‘Birds of a feather do flock together’. We learn from many, We get inspired from many, We talk to many however we spend time only with likeminded people. And this is the reason we have groups everywhere. Correspondingly helped me to conclude that a big part of who we are is determined by the people we hang with. Therefore make sure we are associated with people we aspire to be alike, this helps us to visualize our future self, in addition to it we know what we can visualize actually happens. Hence if we want to change ourselves or our lifestyle, then it’s the time to change the people we associate with. To keep building success, make sure we associate with other successful people. Sometimes, that means not hanging around with old friends as much, or letting them go completely. It really depends on our goals. If we aspired more than what our friends want to achieve, then we are going to have to find others at our level or above and start associating with them. This is why the rich get richer. If you want to become rich, then you need to hang out with the rich.

सुबह की आँखोँ से देखो- जिँदगी कितनी 'खूबसूरत' है...
शाम तक पता चल जायेगा- तुम्हे "किसकी".........किसे 'तुम्हारी' जरूरत है !

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Best Revenge is The MASSIVE SUCCESS

Feeling of a tooth for a tooth, tit for tat or getting even is not undesirable. It’s legal to ask for justice. One should get paid for his/her efforts also should be punished for his/her dishonesty. Beauty is When God gives; he gives abundantly and at the same time “God helps only those who help themselves”. If someone has done wrong to you then just wait, hold on to your emotions and see KARMA will definitely punish him/her moreover if you are lucky you would see him/her punished by your own eyes. Well, still if have argue in revenge then effort is obligatory however we really cannot hurt him/her the way he/she did else what will be the difference between sinner and you. Your Massive Success is the best revenge to all the hurt, your Huge Achievements is the only way to give him/her cruelty back, your Winning is the only hammer on his/her head and this is what you can feel it, see it and one day this will turn all your wounds into virtues. Now the question is how to gain Massive Success? I must say it’s neither easy nor impossible. It requires ONE smart decision and the hard work on the same. To take a smart decision we need to know what is that we want to achieve? Is it my burning desire? Does this desire worth me? Do I worth this desire? And if it says YES, than decided a date when, design your plan of action, and take an action. Mind it! Now no matter what! Never switched off. Keep walking and never look back. Believe in yourself and I assure you, Success will hug you;

ज़िन्दगी तो अपने ही दम पे जी जाती है यारोंदूसरो के कंधो पर तो सिर्फ जनाज़े निकला करतें हैं।

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Miracle is in the unfolding of the wings!!!

Unfolding world after world! as soon as we are confident that we know it now, it unfolds another. World is full of surprises, you gets a different one; only once you leave former. Mind and Heart is not the only thing to bring together at one pace also your habits and practices to accept up-comings. Nothing is as limited as we think they are, this world is a wonderfully weird place; consensual reality is significantly flawed; no association can be trusted but all the things are possible and we all could be happy and fulfilled if we have outgoing guts to do it and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. Affirmations are one special ingredient for incarnation which allows the sun inside us to burn our guts, rouses our brain cells and cultivate us to live.

बन लिया अपना पैगम्बर, तार लिया तू सात समंदर, फिर भी सुखा मन के अंदर, क्यूँ रह गया 
रे फ़कीर मान जाआजा तुझको पुकारे तेरी परछाइयाँ 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Deceiving own self !!!

There are two kinds of compromises in life; either been forced by others or we do it ourselves out of love.  Whatever it is, both hurts when falls into wicked hands. And the victim(we) continues compromising stupidly out of love without making other person realize anything about the change and in result we falsely raise his expectations and give him an opportunity to ruin us to the extend where we actually beg ourselves to rise again. Additionally, he thinks he is never been doubted or complained because he is perfect. He is not wrong, it’s our mistake we love him the way he is, our mistake we never point him the way he does to hurt us, our mistake we don’t correct him so he may not feel slighter, Our mistake we pacify ourselves our own in 2 days without giving him any pain, our mistake we take each & every excuse of his as one of the circumstances, Our mistake we avoid all negatives just to see one positive. It’s not him who is wrong, it’s WE who are wrong and give him an opportunity to take an advantage moreover welcomes him to rip us apart. We actually deceive ourselves to keep providing ease to him and end up hurting our own selves. The Question is Why LOVE is BLIND? Why can’t we see even with open eyes? Why we give importance to others over us? Bcoz, we are STUPID, we are MORON, we are BLIND in real manner, We don’t love ourselves, we don’t respect ourselves, we are IDIOT……… And, I M A BIG ONE.

शिकायतें सवाल है ,कोई आसरा मलाल हैतेरी बेरुखी भी कमाल थी ,मेरा इश्क़ भी कमाल है ......

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

We don’t hate, we just know them better!!!

Holding on relationship for long is difficult and moving into the same is scary. In end we turn up saying he/she is not my forte but the truth is we started knowing them better. People take relationship as social obligation, if one in not involved they are worried else they are in hurry. It’s a craving now a days, as soon as one gets it, one grabs it like a hungry man with every possible setting. Later when these argue finishes one comes back to real one and here comes the actual presentation “this is what I AM”. Being nice is the only choice to sustain in this relationship and continue being selfish is the wish. There is a huge difference between pretending and believing in what we say. We are too smart to use powerful words like “WE” at correct places however do we really Mean it? Accepts it? Feel it? We know what to say where and we continue being both nice and selfish, mission accomplished. It’s not a question to one person specifically it’s for all of us. Why do we feed amazingly well at first which we cannot continue feeding, this act is as similar as catching a fish offering her food and later KILL & EAT.

इतने चहरे थे उसके चहरे पर, आईना तंग के टूट गया......