Monday, 10 March 2014

Deceiving own self !!!

There are two kinds of compromises in life; either been forced by others or we do it ourselves out of love.  Whatever it is, both hurts when falls into wicked hands. And the victim(we) continues compromising stupidly out of love without making other person realize anything about the change and in result we falsely raise his expectations and give him an opportunity to ruin us to the extend where we actually beg ourselves to rise again. Additionally, he thinks he is never been doubted or complained because he is perfect. He is not wrong, it’s our mistake we love him the way he is, our mistake we never point him the way he does to hurt us, our mistake we don’t correct him so he may not feel slighter, Our mistake we pacify ourselves our own in 2 days without giving him any pain, our mistake we take each & every excuse of his as one of the circumstances, Our mistake we avoid all negatives just to see one positive. It’s not him who is wrong, it’s WE who are wrong and give him an opportunity to take an advantage moreover welcomes him to rip us apart. We actually deceive ourselves to keep providing ease to him and end up hurting our own selves. The Question is Why LOVE is BLIND? Why can’t we see even with open eyes? Why we give importance to others over us? Bcoz, we are STUPID, we are MORON, we are BLIND in real manner, We don’t love ourselves, we don’t respect ourselves, we are IDIOT……… And, I M A BIG ONE.

शिकायतें सवाल है ,कोई आसरा मलाल हैतेरी बेरुखी भी कमाल थी ,मेरा इश्क़ भी कमाल है ......


  1. Priyanka Saxena10 March 2014 at 04:27

    Gud one kinshuki !! We are at fault, we only become susceptible to the wicked world. If we are stronger from inside nothing and no one can break us. You have taken up a nice topic.

  2. Good 1 kin..Deep thought.Keep writing!

  3. one should love themselves,...truly, madly , deeply