Friday, 17 May 2013

Somethings are only about being On-Time

No-one here is satisfied with what one has and one should not even as needs do inventions. Emotional breakdown at times is one of the symptoms of being human. Being bad kills you, being good kills you and being both – please teach me HOW! Also feeling like an alien where there is no one who really can read or understand you where else you are just an object to experiment on and gain something out of you. Putting up a brave front is the only choice to survive no matter this is your choice or not. Giving Love and getting love is not difficult however ‘a thing’ that touches you also everything else gets hazy is anonymous. The arms where you are protected, you are loved with no obligations and you can be real you is still a mystery. In movies people are so lucky despite of everything or anything, people gets hug timely known as ‘Jaddu Ki Jhappi’ and in reality one has to go long way to get the same and the time one gets it is the time needs get vanish and leaves one hungry for the next time, here comes a realization of being alone though there are people around yet none reaches you on time and you end up hugging your teddy and sleep. People says there is a thin line between ‘Want’ and ‘need’ however I would say there is a huge difference as ‘wants’ can only be appreciated after ‘needs’ are fulfilled.

मेरे ग़म क़ाबिल-ए-तारीफ है कशिश तेरी...टीस उठती है तो जीने का गुमाँ होता हैं...

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Sweet and Sour Life

After all the learnings learned, I guess I figured out my life. We heard everyone takes birth with some LIFE LINE however this life line contains two parallel lines one SWEET second SOUR. Also, human has a tendency to give more wattage to the negative thing and loses the opportunity to smile while positive happening. I believe if we start ignoring the Sour and keeps concentration on sweet I am sure we will attract more sweets in life. Well, according to me life is nothing, it’s all about living good, we are human and should behave like human, we should accept what life has to offer and fight for the rest but it does not mean we should lose our humanity or stop smiling. Though life is a vast topic however it seems small to me now. Human is already been awarded by so many emotions and it’s good to feel all of them as every emotion has its own importance also exceptionally different from one another however we should not forget that extreme of anything is bad. It’s our duty to normalize every emotion. Here again we can differentiate emotions in two GOOD and BAD, Good ones are those which makes u feel better, happy, smile, in peace or satisfied and Bad one’s which makes you feel cry, sad, painful or hurting. Here I didn’t mean you to avoid bad one’s as I said every emotions has its own value however we can always ignore them and can concentrate to Good ones. It brings us peace and also helps us to normalize or solve the problem fast due to which we are in pain. I am not asking you to offer your second cheek if somebody hits you on the first however we can always walk away from there and help ourselves to control our anger. Life is all about living well. It’s all about generating Love to ourselves by proving to others as this world is nothing but a mirror and whatever we give we get it back. Love is again a synonym to smile, laugh, feel good and being happy. And, One should make sure of doing something which puts one in a great mood as one will be able to regenerate oneself and find new inner harmony, it will help you to have heap of energy also will help you to choose a solution even if you have to make sacrifices ultimately and induce you to look for new ways to enjoy yourself. I at times get so confused how to react I should be happy because of good or sad because of bad else what? Being neutral is again seems to be a challenge. I understand it’s very difficult to make ourselves concentrating on good for entire day but this is what a SECRET OF LIFE is all about. Just keep doing what inspires you and rest will be taken care of.

One of my friends once said ‘She is in total acceptance of whatever God has to offer’, I found it inspiring however difficult but I figured it out and now even I can say this proudly “I AM IN TOTAL ACCEPTANCE OF WHATEVER GOD HAS TO OFFER” Thank You Anjali!