Friday, 20 November 2015

Big Bird Thinking

Today when I was feeling lazy, half sleepy and low energy. Somebody suddenly shook me up thus the temple bells started ringing into my mind which reminded me of the stories I used to say and believe…

 What we repeatedly say, do and believe, that comes true. If we start faking smile all the time then gradually we would learn smiling hence we would start smiling from heart. It is known as Law of attraction. What we loudly voice out in this energy same comes back in the same pace. Results are proportional to our own believes and so does the duration of the success. The more passionate we will be the more quickly we will receive.

Dreamers always sound crazy and nonacceptable to people however DREAM is the only first step to success.
One DREAMS first and then ask, believe, planning, implementation, union, pace, success respectively comes into the picture. No DREAMS NO SUCCESS, if you never DREAMT of anything then how would you acknowledge success. Thus Dreams can be BIG or SMALL, dream is a dream and we must voice out our DREAMS with no shame to force universe to make it happen.
Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho ... to puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai

In this world out of 100% people 50% people are just living and they keep influencing otherto be as same as them hence do nothing, 40% people are followers who have leaders and they follow them to get success in life, left 10% people are crazy who creates their own way hence been neglected, rejected by all and later they are known as LEADERS. One should be either in 40% of people or 10% of people to give meaning to one’s life. The elephant walks on without being disturbed by barking dogs. This is the best illustration of one who has the capacity for 'big bird thinking'.

Therefore I realised I been defocused and I must now get back and gear it up.

कुछ पाने की हो आस आस, कुछ अरमां हो जो ख़ास ख़ास, हर कोशिश में हो वार वार, करे दरियाओं को आरपार
आशायें आशायें ...