Thursday, 7 February 2013

Independent personality traits......!

A person, who do things behind the bars, afraid of public notice, buy enjoyment with lies, Approval is an obligation while decision making, and dreams seems ‘not easy’ only due to society, is not an independent person, no matter one is staying alone, has a furnished house, owner of a big car, earning good, capable in achieving dreams and how well he wears bold attitude, if one is limited by mentioned traits than one is not self-regulating. Well again, if some suggestion changes your mind and you changes your decision it’s the one thing however if you find it correct and not able to do it due to declared attributes than it simply means one is still not self-governing.

Well a person who takes his life in his hand moreover do not blame anybody for his mistakes and failures, is an independent person in actual. One who is not bound to obtain authorization while making some decision, has supremacy to implement his choices rather acquiring joy on lie or by hiding reality. Most importantly he is not afraid of people while stepping and scared of announcements. One, who believes that society is nothing but  an illusion who will ask him to be himself yet will judge him. So doesn't let public label him or manipulate him and never let them take his smile away. Society makes our act tough so don’t let them bother us and let’s not waste time with those who don’t even acknowledge your existence

Better light a candle than curse the darkness.