Monday, 13 February 2017

‘I AM YOURs' is the superlative form of ‘I Love You’

Many people ask, what are the better words than ‘I Love You’? 
They say ‘I Love You’ does not suffice their feelings for the person they deeply in love with. ‘Being in Love’ is a beautiful feeling and carries many kind of emotions. Love can happen with anyone and everyone. Love towards our God, Mother, Father, Sister and brother is oblivious, which is biological, which is in our blood and which is by default. We don’t crave for this as we are born with this and they are fundamentally ours and we are theirs. We say I Love you to many people with all our heart however the question is, how to express that special love which vibrates us, which comes out of our eyes every time we think about the person, which makes us lost in the songs we hear, to whom we want to hug all the time and get stuck in the moment, to whom we want to keep with us for the rest of our life, which develops a desire to be someone’s, which craves that he too makes me his’s and in all which induces us to Surrender. I heartedly feel ‘I AM YOUR’S’ are the better 3 words, for this particular sensation. We may love many, however we surrender ourselves to few or only to one. Additionally, everyone can say I LOVE YOU but only few are fortunate to say ‘I AM YOUR’S’.

मेरी हर मानमानी बस तुम तक| बातें बचकानी बस तुम तक ||
मेरी नज़र दीवानी बस तुम तक | तुम तक, तुम तक, तुम तक, तुम तक ||

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Are you BLIND..?

Blindness is not at all about not able to see things as people who are blind by eyes still can see, understand, judge, read, observe and feel the things. Than how come! they are blind; it only means that the lenses of the eye are not working and they cannot see the actual figure, rest everything else is visible and understandable.

Real Blind is one, who can very well view the things and still ignore to see them, understand them and read them. Blindness is a disability lives in mind and has nothing to do with the eyes. Such people are incapable of comprehending to what they see and read and end up bumping into the people and hurt them. Gradually hurt themselves.

वो जो अपने ही लफ़्ज़ों से, वफ़ा ना कर सका | 
उसको हमयाद दिलाते, तो भला क्या कहते ||
You're blind to the corruption in your life, get treated !!!