Wednesday, 29 January 2014

We don’t hate, we just know them better!!!

Holding on relationship for long is difficult and moving into the same is scary. In end we turn up saying he/she is not my forte but the truth is we started knowing them better. People take relationship as social obligation, if one in not involved they are worried else they are in hurry. It’s a craving now a days, as soon as one gets it, one grabs it like a hungry man with every possible setting. Later when these argue finishes one comes back to real one and here comes the actual presentation “this is what I AM”. Being nice is the only choice to sustain in this relationship and continue being selfish is the wish. There is a huge difference between pretending and believing in what we say. We are too smart to use powerful words like “WE” at correct places however do we really Mean it? Accepts it? Feel it? We know what to say where and we continue being both nice and selfish, mission accomplished. It’s not a question to one person specifically it’s for all of us. Why do we feed amazingly well at first which we cannot continue feeding, this act is as similar as catching a fish offering her food and later KILL & EAT.

इतने चहरे थे उसके चहरे पर, आईना तंग के टूट गया......