Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Is it really a ‘Part Of Life’ or we just comfort ourselves by saying so?

Just  learned about ‘Learning Curve’ which almost stipulates that practice makes a man perfect, a job which used to happen in 2hrs can be done in 30mins with perfection however continuous participation is an obligation. Don’t know what is life all about, is it about Living? Loving? Being Human? Or just to say Part Of Life, face it? Would not say life always have thrown threats as I have always selected smiles and accepted threats as a Part Of Life to deal with, unfortunately every threat tried to demolish every single smile I elected. Today I agree there comes, a stage in life when countless threats cannot even shake you. And, dealing with these continuously makes you perfect. I am a participant of an action movie where bombs are falling from everywhere also I am one RajniKant who is dealing with one by one without integrating each other or together without a mix. Therefore I am the perfect and real time example of ‘Learning Curve’ which PMI may use in their books. Positive enough to hold myself and keeps on appreciating motivational quotes yet human enough to get scared deep inside plus too terrified to tell myself. Doesn't want to ask WHY? anymore as I have learned accepting what god has to offer but this WHY? still haunts me. Does this mean that there was a void in my acceptance? Or acceptance means ‘what we allow is what will continue!’ Well I still believe there is an end to everything whether it’s a movie or my threats. I completely disagree to the statement ‘Part Of Life’ as it’s NOT THE PART OF LIFE at all yet would say ‘Part Of Life’ as have to choice.

ज़ेहन में तेरा कोई नक़्श बिगड़ने न दिया, एक तू है जिसे हालात से बाहर रक्खा....


  1. This blog Reminds me of the Climax scene of the movie "WEDNESDAY" where Nasir sahab says "we get used to everything " !!