Tuesday, 3 June 2014

My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best

One of the fortunate women who have experienced all the situations which one should and one should not. Life is always been Sweet and sour. I remember myself crying many times for the bad which has happened and simultaneously laughing due to something good, found myself behaving weird and confusing people around. However I always felt, I am a Special Child who always has at-least one reason to smile nevertheless what’s happening. Well in between I am a dreamer too, who see dreams with open eyes and express them loud in public, due to which I have been provided with so much of Gyan (advises). I tried stopping myself as I found them correct at some places however lately figured it out and voiced out “No Kinshuki, If you follow them, then it’s not you”. And since then, adapted a habit of learning from everyone and anyone, henceforth going by my own point of view, so that I may not blame anyone for what has happened and will happen, it will be ME, only ME. Well while reading loads of love stories and watching romantic Movies, I started living another virtual life. LOOK! I am again fortunate to live two lives. While living into, I started dreaming, what if, I live this in real? What if, I make both the lives as one? Therefore, this dream of mine soon converted into desire, wherein I did not even get to know, and unknowingly, actually, started living both the lives as one and end up doing so many mistakes, in result got tight slaps, one by one, on my face. Beauty is I still did not give up, I want it, I will get it, I am still hopeful and still believe in myself. I have decided no matter what I will keep giving and one day GOD has to pay me all with Interest. Well, I was not wrong! God did give me a signal. Yes! its very much possible. Will never Forget the Date June 04, 2014, Time 02:24AM

ले दे के अपने पास फ़क़त इक नज़र तो है, क्यों देखें ज़िन्दगी को किसी की नज़र से हम

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