Friday, 23 May 2014

Success Breeds Success…!

Well I been always lucky to have classmates with no politics and loads of respect for each other however kept wondering, if we don’t bias each other than why do we still have groups everywhere, My desire to understand the same increased day by day and I did come to many conclusions however none of them fulfilled me. Moreover inspired me to learn about human psychology. Well, I never realized the fact that while moving deep into the topic I am actually attracting it in my life and at this instant I understood why we always have groups? Why we cannot be with everybody? It is simply because ‘Birds of a feather do flock together’. We learn from many, We get inspired from many, We talk to many however we spend time only with likeminded people. And this is the reason we have groups everywhere. Correspondingly helped me to conclude that a big part of who we are is determined by the people we hang with. Therefore make sure we are associated with people we aspire to be alike, this helps us to visualize our future self, in addition to it we know what we can visualize actually happens. Hence if we want to change ourselves or our lifestyle, then it’s the time to change the people we associate with. To keep building success, make sure we associate with other successful people. Sometimes, that means not hanging around with old friends as much, or letting them go completely. It really depends on our goals. If we aspired more than what our friends want to achieve, then we are going to have to find others at our level or above and start associating with them. This is why the rich get richer. If you want to become rich, then you need to hang out with the rich.

सुबह की आँखोँ से देखो- जिँदगी कितनी 'खूबसूरत' है...
शाम तक पता चल जायेगा- तुम्हे "किसकी".........किसे 'तुम्हारी' जरूरत है !

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