Thursday, 17 January 2013

Love is the last thing we understand….

Feeling good is a feature of Love but it’s not LOVE. We usually misunderstand what LOVE is? And relate our good feeling as Love. Meeting someone, sharing stuff, spending good time is ease and comfortable. Also, generates a pleasant feeling. It helps us to think wider, most importantly it inspires and motivate us. The reason is because we say all we have within and we ourselves give us a way ahead. My personal suggestion one should keep meeting people, exploring things; it produces positive energy and lands us a hand to keep moving. Primarily, might magnetize you and convene you by all means that this is what we are looking forward for, NO, don’t come to the conclusion that early.

Things are actually turn green when two people after all the discussion made still wants to be by each other’s side, when silence between them started making sense, when being together gives them a sense of satisfaction, when they started walking in the same direction, when they get respect and get influenced from each other, when every meet excites them same as every bye comforts them, when sticking around without any hot topic seems a need, when seeking each other’s attention is the only desire, when nothing feels like one sided, when life seems worth living and most of all when we stop judging each other. This is the time when we say ‘THINGS HAS BEEN STARTED’.

"Love is when someone means so, so much, words don’t even begin to describe what you feel. So, live like you mean it and love till you feel it"