Saturday, 12 January 2013

Fire on the mountain, freeze it.......!

The World’s best day has been the worst day of my life which I regretted later and I still do. Well since then seeking to put up a brave front and repenting seems pointless ever since. IMAGINE with all your mind, BELIEVE with all your heart, ACHIEVE with all your might, is the only choice left and I did pick up the same, also holding a candle for something miraculous to happen. Memories do fade, Bad flashes can be overlapped, similarly this worst day will soon turn into best day for me as same as when something bad happens on festival and we chuck this festival out from our lives however as soon as we hear a new born baby screaming on the same day, we quickly fresh start the festival all over again. I wish me luck to soon hear this new voice to start afresh.
PS: CHERISH yesterday, DREAM of tomorrow, LIVE for today.


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  1. well, i agree to this statement now 'Ager kisi chees ko suche man se chaho to, sari kainat usay tum se milane ki koshish main lag jati hay'... i am happy it been replaced and it was so beautiful that i can ever imagine is real....