Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Are you really a Couple? OR Living in Dreams

Now I understood why a Couple is presented as SINGULAR wherein the fact is
they are two different individuals with two different individualities and should be considered as PLURAL. Enlightenment; even being two individuals you cannot play a game, you cannot fight, you cannot argument, as in Game/Fight/Argument either one has to WIN or LOSE however in Couple-ship even if you WIN, you Lose. To be a Couple, both individual has to be at same side, either WIN or LOSE. Therefore, couple brings two different bodies together as one, Hence Singular.
If you think, couples do fight, play games and do Arguments, I completely disagree with the fact that they are a Couple. Rather, they are in process to become a Couple. THE DAY, ‘Fight becomes Sorting’, ‘Game becomes Entertainment’ and ‘Argument become Talk’ they will become Couple.
Otherwise; memories become crystal balls which roll down on your cheeks while touching your red sneezing nose and get wiped by your sleeves. Therefore, you learn the Art of Visualization and start living in your dreams which is too far from the reality.
Well, Living in Dream is again an amazing experience which one should experience at-least once. For those how are lucky not to experience the same.
It’s like replaying your real life in the middle of the night, lying into the bed half-consciously. Ting Tong, you hear the voice, you laugh, you touch, you feel the warmth, your heart beats start beating fast, you feel the gasp on your face, you fold your body and move inside the extra pillow lying next to you, you taste, you turn red, you sweat and suddenly you wake up, you see all over in the dark, you are breathing fast and then realize it was a dream. You Drink water to console, pray to god to let you sleep and you close your eyes hoping you will sleep however पिक्चर तो अभी बाकी है, मेरे दोस्त……..

तूने सनम, ढायें हैं सितम, तो ये भूल जाना, के तुझपे भी इनायत होगी,
आज रुसवा, तेरी गलियों, में मोहब्बत होगी... !!!

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