Friday, 28 August 2015

How long one should stay at particular milestone once achieved?

It took me nearly a month’s time to get the answer.
1. You will know it once you started feeling so angry and ignored however you should know you’re WINNING when you see you’re being copied. Keep inspiring, be happy, be a leader and move ahead.
2. When no charm left and we started feeling Bore. Know it, it’s time for evolution and growth. Understand, some of the greatest inventions did not just take place out of necessity but because someone was bored, they wanted something new. If necessity is the mother of invention, boredom may well be the father. It simply means you need to stimulate your mind and find something that interests you.
3. Know it, it’s time to chase your next dream, when ‘what next?’ grabs your attention. When you desperately open your Dream book and start ticking what’s done, what’s left and what’s next. Plan it and do it now.
4. Know it, it’s time to turn the page and embrace everything that awaits you, when you start dwelling on the past all over again. Remember, if one is to live, one must learn to shoulder the burdens of the past and move on.

आना जब बेतहाशा हो, तो फिर क्यों तमाशा हो...

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